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Silver Hills Sprouted Bakery

Silver Hills produces certified organic, vegan, Non-GMO wholesome great tasting breads to inspire healthier living throuhg healthier choices.  They have also released a new gluten-free omega-flax bread to those with alergies.

At Silver Hills Bakery, they bake their breads using a unique sprouting process where they clean, rinse and soak their whole grains until they begin to sprout. These sprouted grains are then mashed into dough, joining our other organic, vegan and non-GMO (non-genetically modified) ingredients – that make up their delicious sprouted grain breads.

Silver-Hills is excited to introduce its  first two organic, whole grain, certified gluten-free breads – Gluten Free Omega Flax and Gluten Free Chia Chia.  Below are just a few of the amazing benefits of their gluten-free breads.


· Low calories(less than 80 cal per slice)
· Short ingredient list(no binders, xantham gums or starches)
· High fiber(+5g per slice)
· High protein(+3g per slice)
· CertifiedOrganic
· CertifiedNon-GMO*
· CertifiedGluten-Free**


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