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The purpose of the Healthy Law Firm program is to provide law firms with resources that will encourage the firms lawyers, legal administrators and executives in the formation of healthy dietary and lifestyle habits consistent with the 10 Laws of Health taught during the 10 Laws of Health Conference. Because new habits are formed through "content-dependent repetition," members receive the tools that provide non-agressive consistent repretition of the 10 Laws that will help the firms members to sustain their healthy lifestyle habits.  The 10 Laws of Health is not a temporary diet, it is truly a lifestyle changing program that becomes permanent with consistent effort.

By participating in this program, your firm demonstrate to your clients that your organization cares about the sustainability of our environment by offering a program that promotes a plant-based food options along with health education materials that support overall well-being and sustainable living.  Below is an overview of some of the benefits your firm will receive along with automatic eligibility  to  become selected as one of Healthy Lawyers Healthy Law Firms of the Year. 

For  12  months  your  organization and staff will receive the following benefits that will provide continual education regarding the 10 Laws of Health and to encourage new health habits:

  • Tickets to the 10 Laws of Health Conferences (Virtual Conference 2022)

  • In office plant based cooking demos offered either as a “Lunch and Learn” or a “Healthy Hour” evening program

  • Healthy Lawyer vending machine - as part of our "Healthy Food To You" program

  • Weekly Health Brief e-newsletter that provides reminders regarding the 10 Laws along with:
    • Discount coupons from sponsoring health food vendors
    • Free products supplied by vendors
    • Plant based recipes
    • Health tips from participating health professionals
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Healthy Lawyers has formed alliances with Weimar Center For Health & Education to deliver time tested health education materials and Nedley Healthy Solutions.

Nedley health solutions
  • Membership for all your professionals in the private Healthy Lawyer Network where your lawyers and firm can track participation in the Healthy Lawyers Challenge, cooking demos and other events as motivation to support their lifestyle change

    and more.....



 Guidelines and Eligibility

As part of the selection criteria for the Healthy Law Firm of the Year honor, the following Point System will be used to select honorees.

  • 30 automatic points for being a sponsor
  • 10  points for every legal professional who has stopped smoking
  • 10 points for every legal professional who has gotten off of any medication
  • 20 points for every cooking demo hosted at the firm, or at a K-12 school
  • 5 points for every legal profession who has lowered their cholesterol
  • 5 points for every mile walked by legal professional
  • 20 points for everey legal professional who has participated in an extended lifestyle training course offered by one of the Healthy Lawyers health care providers listed on the HL website
  • 5 points for every post on your organization profile up until last date of competition
  • 15 points for every legal professional who has gone 100% plant-based for 30 days or more and 5 points for every day 100% plant-based for up to 12 months
  • 2 points for every glass of water consumed by legal professionals
  • 10 points for every pound lost by legal professionals

 Note: Lawyers or organizations that  serve on the selection committee are not eligible to participate in the year of service on the comittee.

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Annually  organizations  will  be  invited  to  participate  in  the  Healthy  Law  Department  program where they can receive  or donate the  Healthy  Lawyer  Vending  Machine  plus  join the network  to  track  the  number of  their legal professionals  and staff that complete the  Healthy Lawyer 10 Day Challenge.   Annually,  Law Departments will be given the “Healthy Law Department Award” and individual professionals will receive the Advocate of the Year Award chosen by the Healthy Lawyer Selection Committee.   Encourage your clients to participate.  Send an e-mail to to learn about sponsorship opportunities.