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Healthy Lawyers is committed to encouraging legal professionals in their quest for achieving optimal health and sustainable lifestyles that integrate "The 10 Laws of Health” lifestyle regiment. The Advocate of the Year Award will recognize and celebrate the achievements of legal professionals, who demonstrate exemplary leadership in the promotion of each or at least one of the 10 Laws within their organization or in the community. The Healthy Lawyers selection committee will utilize the Healthy Lawyer Point System to measure the success of each candidate and activities will be verified through the tracking of postings in the HL Network. Because the roles and influence of the various types of legal professionals are unique, Advocate Awards will be given in the following candidate categories:

  • Associate Advocate of the Year
  • Partner Advocate of the Year
  • Government Lawyer Advocate of the Year
  • In-House Counsel Advocate of the Year
  • Public Interest Advocate of the Year
  • Law Professor Advocate of the Year
  • Judge Advocate of the Year
  • Legal Administrator/Director of the Year
  • Legal Assistant/Paralegal of the Year
  • Law Student Advocate of the Year
  • Legal Consultant Advocate of the Year

The first Advocates of the Year Awards will be awarded in September 2014 at the Baltimore Convention Center. Nominations will begin in June 17, 2014 and selections will be made by August 17, 2014. To learn more send an e-mail to