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Take Charge of Your Health

It's Never To Late To Become A Healthy Lawyer!


The Healthy Lawyers 10-Day Challenge is not a fad diet for rapid weight loss or to give you a temporary charge.  The Challenge is to start you on a journey to a permanent lifestyle change based on natural laws that govern your body, which we call T.H.E. T.E.N. L.A.W.S. of health. 

The Challenge
In 4 Steps! 10

Jump start your journey to a healthier lifestyle. Take these 4 small daily steps to help your health and well being.



Eat plant-based for 10-days. No eggs, dairy, or animal products. Also, cut out products that include these substances.


Go to bed 1 hour early for 10-days. Every hour slept before mid-night is like sleeping 1.5 hours.


Walk or jog 1 mile a day for 10-days. Be sure to work up a sweat to expel toxins.


Drink 10 glasses of water a day for 10-days. Put your water by your bed to drink when you first wake up. Don't gulp!

The Law of Nutrition - Plant-Based Eating Is A Law!


Going plant-based does not have to be flavorless, bland and leave you feeling like you have not eaten anything. Yes - it can be accomplished! But the key to transitioning to a plant-based diet is to first focus on the benefits if the dietary change.  We all need motivation and the benefits are just a few motivators.

  • Type-2 Diabetes reversal and prevention
  • Harvard School of Public Health suggests that daily consumption of foods loaded with fruits and veggies can lower blood pressure
  • Loma Linda University study reveals that plant-based eating results in 36 percent lower prevalence of high cholesterol

After you have thought about the benefits, then focus on selecting plant-based meals that taste good. Your consumption will increase as you find the best tasting plant-based foods full of nutrition. The key is substituting all animal by-products you love, with plant-based alternatives. We make this Challenge easy. On the Smart Food Fest page we provide recommendations of great tasting plant-based products that will convert you for ever. The above photo is a spinach and kale salad with carrots and beets with the "Beyond Meat" plant-based meat substitute that tastes awesome! It will fool you and it' all NON-GMO and organic.

 The Law of Rest

sleeping-maleAdequate rest is an essential law of health.  Fatigue, however, in the U.S. is epidemic and especially amonst lawyers.  Studies by American Traffic Safety Agencies report that 20%-30% of traffic fatalities involve a fatigued driver. Prolonged fatigue contributes to nutritional imbalances that may not be so easily undone by just sleeping.During the day, one primarily uses the sympathetic nervous system, associated with spending energy and tearing down the body.  This is balanced by the parasympathetic system, associated with rest, nurturing and regeneration of body tissues.  This is equally important and takes place when one is resting.  One may call it maintenance or repair time.


 The Law of Exercise


Action is a law of life. Muscle tone and strength are lost without exertion, but exercise improves the health of body, mind, and spirit multiplying vitality and health. Exercise therapy includes outdoor exercise, treadmill evaluations and Stretchercise. The many trails through beautiful surroundings beckon you to walk, walk, walk, but indoor exercise equipment is available.

No. 1: Exercise controls weight
No. 2: Exercise combats health conditions and diseases - the #1 Killer of lawyers - heart disease
No. 3: Exercise improves mood
No. 4: Exercise boosts energy
No. 5: Exercise promotes better sleep
No. 6: Exercise improves personal and professional relationships
No. 7: Exercise can be fun and bring you joy

 The Law of Water


"There's convincing evidence that regular consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages is associated with increased risk of obesity and diabetes, and emerging evidence that these beverages increase the risk for heart disease," said Frank B. Hu, MD, PhD, Harvard School of Public Health. "To reduce risk of obesity and cardio metabolic diseases, it is important to reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and replace them with healthful choices such as water…”

According to H.H. Mitchell, Journal of Biological Chemistry 158, the brain and heart are composed of 73% water, and the lungs are about 83% water. The skin contains 64% water, and even the bones are watery: 31%. Water helps digest our food so it can provide us with energy, it helps to transport waste out of the body, and it is important in controlling body temperature.



Complete the Challenge -  Become a Honoree



When you complete the Healthy Lawyers Challenge, you are automatically eligible to be selected as an "Advocate of the Month" and featured on the homepage of the Healthy Lawyers website, and in the Healthy Lawyers newsletter called the "Health Brief".  You will also accumulate ooints that will also make you eligible to receive the Advocate of the Year Award.  Your firm or organization will also be given points for your participation. Organization points will be counted toward the Healthy Law Firm or Law Department Honor.


All legal industry professionals can participate, which includes, lawyers, legal assistance, paralegals, legal administrators/staff, judges, in-house and government counsel, law students, J.D's, law professors, legal recruiters, legal consultants (like legal technology providers and legal marketers, and consultants). All participation must be journaled on your Healthy Lawyers Network profile via a blog post, video post (you can use your cell phone), or podcast. Photo posted on profile will be used is you are selected as the Advocate of the Month.

All law firms and law departments can participate in the Challenge by becoming a Healthy Lawyers Law Firm or Law Department member wherein your organizations receives or donates a Healthy Lawyer vending machine that provides professionals with the plant-based healthy food options. By becoming a member, your organization become automatically eligible to be selected as a Healthy Law Firm or Law Department of the Year. Click the box to learn more.

Health Advocate Of the Year Criteria

All who complete the 10-day Challenge are eligible to be selected for this honor. The honor will be awarded to the legal professional who during the year has demonstrated leadership in promoting the 10 Laws within their organization or in the community.  This honor will be given in the following categories: lawyer advocate, legal assistant/paralegal advocate, legal administrator/director other staff.  Participant posts on their profile will be reviewed as part of the selection process and for varification. Click the box to learn more.

All participants in the 10-day Challenge must submit at least 1 post per day for the 10 day period as varification of participation. There is 4 ways to post via: 1.) short 2 sentence blog, 2.) video from cell phone showing you drinking water, or walking, (just e-mail your video to yourself and then upload, 3.) post a photo of yourself exercising, 4.) post a voice podcast from your desk top stating what you did that day. It is that easy to track your participation. When you post you can invite others to join you on your journey. All honors selections will primarily be based on profile post that tell your story. Examples of great posts include: calling an in-house counsel client who may be participating and interviewing them about how they are feeling during the Challenge, or video taping participation in a food demo. We want your story.

General Rules