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Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a cutting edge developer of new plant protein products aimed at replacing animal protein while providing nutritional value at a lower cost. It looks like chicken, feels like chicken and tastes like chicken but goes "beyond" chicken as it does not contain the cholesterol, fat and the "cluck" of chicken.

The Beyond Meat Chicken -Free Strips are gluten-free, but contains 20 grams of protein free of cholesterol, eggs, or other animal fats.   Just made from water, soy proteim isolate (Non-GMO), pea protein isolate, amaranth, chicken flavor (vegan) and other seasoning based ingredients, this plant-based meatless product is one that your chidren will enjoy.

You can serve the Chicken -Free Strips to your kids and they will not know the difference.

 Delicious Thai Chicken Salad with Beyond Meat instead of chicken at Tropical Smoothie in Arlington, VA

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