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Blue Diamond Growers

Blue Diamond Growers has over 100 years of experience in producting the bests almonds, almond drinks and snacks that research reveals can help to reduce cholesterol levels and may protect against cancer.

Blue Diamond Growers has been one of the pioneers of almond nutrition research since being founded in 1910 as the California Almond Growers Exchange, a cooperative of 230 vulnerable almond growers that grew to be the world's largest almond processing and marketing prowerhouse.  Since its brand transition to Blue Diamond Growers, the organization has emerged to what is now a global leader in growing, processing and marketing almonds that produces over 80 percent of the world supply of almonds.

Since its first publication in 1926 titled the Nutritive Value of Almonds, Blue Diamond Growers have marketed the below listed nutritive values of almonds to position them as the health food of choice.

  •     Total caloric or energy-giving value of almonds
  •     Protein or tissue-buidling value
  •     Mineral or bond and blood building value
  •     Vitamin content
  •     Digestibility

Now with several varieties of almond snack flavors, various almond drinks and creamers , Blue Diamon Growers is expanding a new plant in Turlock, California designed to create more value-added global products using state-of-the art technology to build on their history of providng the best almonds in the world.

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