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Smart Food Donor Program

The mission of Healthy Lawyers is to introduce to the nation's legal community of approximately 1.2 million lawyers and legal administrators great tasting plant-based foods to encourage them to transition to a healthier dietary lifestyle for better health and to sustain our environment.  Reports indicate that the top 3 killers of lawyers is heart disease, cancer and suicide all of which are preventable and reversable through a plant-based diet.  Hence, we call plant-based food "Smart Food" for optimal health and top mental performance for legal professionals.

Consequently, we host the Smart Food Fests at the 10 Laws of Health Conference and vegan cooking demos in law offices to showcase the best tasting organic and vegan health food products that can help lawyers reduce their risks of disease and to improve their overall health both mind and body.  We are always looking to introduce new great tasting Smart Food products to the legal community.

If your company would like to get involved in the Healthy Lawyers mission by donating your Smart Food product to one of our up-coming events, please contact us at We have a special offer for donors to become part of the Healthy Lawyers network to continue to assist legal professionals on their quest for optimal health.


Upcoming Events

10 Laws of Health Conference & Smart Food Fest


You donate and we will demo and promote your product during the tasters.

Donation and Special Sponsorship Opportunities


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Volunteer Manager
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