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Healthy School Project

In 2010, more than one third of children and adolescents were overweight or obese.


There is overwhelming data that establishes that children who receive proper nutrition, in particular plant-based foods perform better in school.  The problem is that many inner city schools where drop-out rates and incarceration rates are high often lack access to the healthiest foods, especially unrefined/unprocessed plant-based foods.  Conequently, it is the mission of Heathly Lawyers to take the best tasting health foods to the schools where there are no "health food stores" to provide the children with healthy cost-effective options food and drink options.  Law  firms and  corporate  legal  departments  are asked to join the effort by sponsoring  the  placement  of  a Healthy Lawyer vending  machine  in  a  targeted  school in their county. Healthy Lawyers will service the machines.  

Each donated Healthy Lawyers machine will contain a designation that the machine was sponsored by the firm or organization. Healthy Lawyers only requests that donors participate in the Healthy School Project lunch time food fest where we will provide students with free samples of the products placed in the machines to spark their interest in the foods.  During the taster, students will learn about the health benefits of the products during a 20 minute presentation.

Law firms  and  participating  legal  professionals  will  receive  credits  toward  the Healthy  Law  Firm  and  Advocate  of  the  Year  honors.   All  sponsors  will  be  listed  as  supporters  of  the  entire project  in  all  marketing  materials to the schools. Contact to learn how you can participate. Below are some facts regarding healthy food and academic performance.

  • Journal of American Public Health Association: Hollar, et al concluded that children who participated in an obesity prevention program that included healthy food “had significantly higher math scores”.

  • The American Dietetic Association: Rampersaud, et al. state, “Evidence suggests that breakfast consumption may improve cognitive function related to memory, test grades, and school attendance.”

  • Journal of School Health: Florence, et al. found “an association between diet quality and academic performance.”

  • Reuters: Healthy Diet Means Better School Performance


Contact: - or call (602) 326-8663 to learn how you can become a donor.