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Cooking Demos

Want to learn how to cook quick and simple plant-based meals?
Or, want to taste smart snacks or healthy energy drink alternatives?

Request a taster or cooking demo at your law firm.
Call (602) 326-8663 to schedule one of the two programs. 

Below are some great plant-based cook books that can get you started. Send us an e-mail at   to place your order.



Lunch & Learn Demos

  • 1 Hour Demo offered Monday - Friday
    Between 11:30a.m and 1:30p.m
  • 10 person minimum - $55 per person

Healthy Hour Demos

  • 1 Hour Demo offered Monday -Friday
    Between 4:30p.m and 6:30p.m

Seven Secrets


  • Seven Secrets Cookbook
  • Seven Secrets offers not only great food that will keep the pounds off, but also a complete manual to begin a much healthier lifestyle. Inside you'll learn tips on how to lower cholesterol and prevent or even reverse diabetes. Contact us to order this book. 

I Love Veggies


  • I Love Veggies
  • Mary Bernt is the owner of the award-winning vegan café and health food store aptly named Veggies in Ardmore, Oklahoma. Her first cookbook, The Best of Veggies is a favorite with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Contact us to order this book. 

Vegan Homestyle


  • Vegan Homestyle Cookbook
  • The easy to prepare, delicious recipes in Vegan Homestyle bring together the taste of home cooking with all the healthy benefits of a vegan diet. Simple ingredients, lots of menu ideas and nutritional analysis for each recipe.  Contact us to order this book. 

Uncheese Cookbook


  • The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook
  • Enjoy all the glory of your favorite cheesy dishes without the cholesterol, animal products, and dairy allergens that can be harmful to your health. Make vegetables come alive with tasty uncheese sauces and desserts. Contact us  to order this book.