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Smart Food List

The Healthy Lawyers team annual attends the Natural Food Expo East & West to taste the latest new plant-based products on display at the show. Thee exhibit halls contain over 2,500 manufacturers of great tasting natural foods.  We tasted hundreds of 100% plant-based, organic and non-GMO foods, snacks and beverages and below are the products that scored big and have made the Healthy Lawyers Smart Food recommendation list.  We at Healthy Lawyers will only recommend products that taste good and are the best for your health, which is why we call them "Smart Food".  If you would like to host a Smart Food Fest at your law firm, legal department or office,  let us know and we will get samples of these products for you to taste. Click the images below to learn more.

Sunshine Burger & Specialty Food Co, LLC

Sunshine Burgers offers delicious veggie burgers made with certified organic whole food ingredients that are non-GMO and glut-free. A good source of plant-based protein free of wheat, soy, corn, oats, dairy, eggs, tree nuts, and peanuts.


Wholesome Sweeteners, Inc.

Not all organic sweeteners are equal. Wholesome Sweeteners is the nation’s leading producer of the finest natural sugars, syrups and nectars that are organic, Fairtrade Certified, Non-GMO Verified and are produced completely green with no fossil fuels.


Wildwood - Pulmuone Foods USA

Not all tofu products are equal.  Wilwood brands of Pulmuone Foods have for 30 years been a healthy food industry leader in producing some of the best tastings, textured and quality tofu burgers and products.


Vegenaise - Follow Your Heart

Enjoy real mayonnaise taste with our world-famous, egg-free and all natural Vegenaise® Dressing and Sandwich Spread! It’s Better than Mayo™!