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The goal of the HL Network is to provide a private legal professionals only on-line community where members seeking to improve their health can find support, share ideas, stories, encouragement and create groups like walking clubs, cooking clubs, hiking clubs, gardening clubs to encourage healthy lifestyles. The private network is built on an easy to use social media platform that offers the below listed features for members to track their completion of the 10-Day Challenge and to track other health improvement accomplishments as well as participation in Healthy Lawyer programs for the Advocates of Change circle. All postings will be considered toward the Healthy Lawyers Advocate of the Year Award.

Profile members can post a professional and personal profile to share health interests
Blog members can write short blogs about their daily Healthy Lawyer activity on the Challenge
Video Player members can post private network viewer only videos about their Healthy Lawyer journey -videos from I-phones and Androids can be uploaded
Podcast members can post audio recordings of health events or interviews of each other
Publication members can post PDF documents to share
Photo Gallery members can post photos of participation in health events or completing a 5K
e-mail includes private member only e-mail
voice mail members can leave voice messages for other members
video chat members can communicate through video chat
Events members can learn about cooking demo events and post events they are planning
Store members will receive information about plant-based healthy foods that can be purchased from the online heath food store - coming 2014
Groups members can create health interest groups in their geographic location and invite other members to a game of basketball
Connections members can connect with as many members without limitation - its not LinkedIn
Greeting Cards members can send each other greeting cards for birth-days or congratulations cards for completing the Challenge

When you post an accomplishment, we will tell your story in the Healthy Lawyers e-newsletter called "Health Briefs" which will keep you up to date on the accomplishments of other members. Health Brief will also introduce the Advocate of the Month, and provide informaion from supporting health food sponsors regarding the latest and greatest new products and healthy tips from health professionals. You can join the network and hide your profile, if you just want to be in the loop.

The HL Network is a healthy alternative to Facebook that is truly private and for the sole purpose of promoting healthy lifestyles. Plant-based food manufacturers, restuarants and health food store sponsors as well as healthcare professionals committed to promoting the 10 Laws of Heath are invited into the network for the sole puprose of providing valuable health information and to share health food products and receipes. It's fun and free!

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